Weekday Wedding vs. Weekend Wedding Costs

You could pay top dollar for a weekend wedding like everyone else, or you can outsmart the system by choosing a weekday and save yourself a small fortune. The average wedding cost in the Los Angeles area is around $44,142. (24% higher than the national average of $33,391.) Source: TheKnot.com

If you booked with us, you’d save up to half off of what you’d spend on a weekend (depending on your desired location and availability.)

Now that is a smart way to get married.

Why is wedding pricing different on weekends vs. weekdays? It is simple supply and demand.

Premium Weekend Pricing

Most couples getting married choose a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for their wedding. This creates a rise in demand for only 3 days of the week (with 70% demand on Saturday’s alone.) In response, supply of venue space and service providers are limited resulting in premium pricing.

Lower Weekday Pricing

Now if you choose to get married any day between Monday and Thursday, demand is low. In response, supply of venue space and service providers are abundant resulting in lower pricing to many of your wedding costs.

The Next Big Wedding Trend That Saves You Money

We’ve seen an upswing in couples opting for luxury weekday weddings that are slightly smaller yet equally as beautiful in Southern California. This started to catch on after an article was published on Fortune.com in 2016 and has already been a trend in Europe.

What This Means For You

Couples eloping or having a weekday wedding are currently at the beginning of the trend when demand is still low, so the opportunity to save money is high. We think over the next several years, demand will increase for weekday weddings, and pricing will increase with it. So you’re timing is amazing for being here right now!

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